I’m the Founder and President of Sellf, a startup hosted in H-Farm, the accelerator founded by Riccardo Donadon, located in the Sile Valley, near Venice. In 2013 Sellf was co-financed by H-Farm and a venture capital fund to develop a product dedicated to professionals and SMEs for the customer relationship management via mobile. Sellf has received several awards, culminating in 2015 with the prize awarded by Apple as the most innovative iPad app in Italy.

In Sellf I have been mostly involved in the development of the server-side software-as-a-service via REST API on Ruby on Rails, and I also deployed the first infrastructure through a platform as service. I then developed the web application using the Ember.js framework in Javascript. I also contributed to the initial development of the Android app. To date, I contribute to the development of the software, but I also take care of team and product management.

When I was twenty-three, Prof. Ruggero Frezza, now President of M31, invited me to work on an automated parking system for smart-cities. From then on I never stopped to keep my interest and excitement for the IT entrepreneurial world.

In 2013 I completed the Ph.D. in Information Engineering at the University of Padua. My academic profile embraces an experience as Visiting Student Researcher at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara. My 13+ publications cover topics of control theory and distributed computation. I’ve been also a consultant for the “riCreazione” project, held by my PhD Advisor Prof. Angelo Cenedese and David K. Lind. That project became after a startup company focused on sustainability, Smart Future srl.

Moreover, I’m the Cofounder of A-Pole, a team that develops web/mobile application for the Internet of Things. Our most important project is hi!tide Venice, an app to monitor in real-time the flood in Venice, partnered with Centro Previsioni e Segnalazioni Maree di Venezia. It raised 30K+ users in less than a year and it was a great experience to acquire transversal skills, dealing with public authorities like the Municipality of Venice.

In my career I received several prizes. Recently I was awarded by the Rotary District 2060 and by the Rotary Alumni Association of the “Paul Harris Fellow” for my efforts on promoting the Rotarian principles. Moreover, the Singularity University awarded me of a Special Mention for the Global Impact Competition 2014 sponsored by Axelera, and the Rotaract District 2060 awarded me of the “Rotaract’s Got Talent”  prize, for the goals achieved in my profession and for my social commitment. I was also chosen by the Mind The Bridge Foundation to attend the GYM startup school in San Francisco, where I had the opportunity to deep my knowledge and keep in contact with other startuppers and amazing people of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Nonetheless, I won the Ing. Aldo Gini Scholarship to support my studies abroad.

In 2006, joining the Staff of the IEEE Student Branch of University of Padua, I won the Innovation Prize for the best European project in the design and implementation of a rescue robot. In 2007 I won the first prize for the best project of the Control System class and in 2008 I won the second prize for the best project of the Computer Vision class of the Automation Engineering degree. In 2013 I won the “Premio Città Impresa” assigned to the 1.000 talents under 35 of Veneto region.

I’m an inborn geek and programmer. I’ve done several projects in Java, C#, NesC, Ruby, Matlab. My skills coverage several applications and languages: from low-level programming, through object-oriented philosophy, ending with scripting interfaces. I developed open-source software for indoor localizationdistributed estimationdata acquisitionreal-time performance, and image processing. In 2015 I also funded the first Ember.js Meetup in Italy.

Beside my job I’m involved in different organizations.
For three years, I was the Student Representative of the Automation Engineering degree and from 2010 to 2012 I was the Ph.D. Representative in the Board of the Professors of the Department of Information Engineering. I was also a Member of the IEEE, the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation.

I’m the youngest Member of the Rotary Club of Montebelluna, and I was for eight years Member of Rotaract, a service of the Rotary International. I played a lot of roles into the Rotaract being President, Sergeant in Arms and also Art Director of a newspaper with more than 5000 readers. I was Delegate for the International Action of the Rotaract District 2060 for two years and Chairmen of District Zone 4 for the Rotaract District 2060. Currently I am the manager of the Rotary Club Central and a Member of the IT board of Rotary District 2060.

In 2006 I received a certificate of recommendation for the “Premio Algarotti” of the Rotary Youth Leadership Award, the master of ethics and personalities sponsored by Rotary.

Nel 2010 I was also chosen by the Rotary District 2060 to take part of the Group Study Exchange program of Rotary International in California, a unique opportunity for cultural and professional exchange for people between 25 and 40 years, in the early stages of their careers.

For two consecutive years from 2007 to 2008 instead I won with the Club of Montebelluna and the Venice-Mestre one the ERIC Twin Club Awards, the European prize for Best International Twinning, sponsored by Rotaract International.

From 2012 to 2017 I’ve been President of the Fencing Club of Montebelluna, a Club with more than 45 athletes. In previous years I have held the position of Advisor and Instructor at the same club. In 2007 I ended the career as a professional fencing athlete with a roll of one world podium, five national podiums and sixteen inter-regional ones. In 2007 and 2008 I received a plaque of merit for having honored the city of Montebelluna with the achieved sporting results, and in 2009 the city of Trevignano has rewarded me for achievements throughout my career as an athlete of fencing.

From 2017 I’m a Counselor of the Ordine degli Ingegneri di Treviso, managing the committee of Information Engineers.

From 2012 to 2017 I’ve been a volunteer of Caritas in Treviso, as an operator of the “Penelope project”, with the aim of helping entrepreneurs that have financial, legal and management troubles.

In my spare time I like painting, writing (experimental poetry), hacking with Arduino, eating pizza and typical Italian food, drinking Grog at the Scumm bar, reading books about the forthcoming Singularity and enjoy my life with my sweetheart, friends and family.