Beside the following list, you can check out all of my public projects on my Github profile.

Ruby (on Rails)

Sellf. Sellf is the all-in-one organizer for sales professionals that allows you to manage deals and customers on the go. Easily. I developed the backend of the whole application in Ruby on Rails.

Invoicer. I built an internal app for Sellf s.r.l. both for generating manual invoices for IT customers and also to fix Recurly invoices to make them compliant with IT regulations.

Hubber. I built an Enterprise hub to let providers of Sellf users to exchange governed data using a standardized REST APIs protocol.

Demiurgo. I built an internal app for Tritium Software to easily setup implementations and transfer data from external system to ForceManager with an infrastructure-as-a-code approach.

Modulo. I built an app to easily generate lead acquisition forms that can dispatch data to any interfaced service (e.g. ForceManager or Sellf apps).

InstaPDFpaper. This app allows you to quickly convert all your Instapaper articles to PDFs.


Sellf. I developed the frontend of the whole application in Ember.js, mainly using Coffescript, HAML and SASS.


MS Outlook add-in. I contributed to create the Microsoft Outlook add-in of ForceManager CRM, to show contextual customer data among the e-mail conversations.


MS Teams message extension. I developed a message extension for querying ForceManager CRM data within Microsoft Teams.

Arduino (C/C++)

Hi!Grow. I built and programmed an Arduino Uno device and Hygro Daisy Petal for the environmental parameters monitoring. It was a prototype ordered by GrowThePlanet, a platform that helps yuo grow your own organic garden and vegetables in a smart, fun and easy way.

Hi!mood. This was a 24-hours hack of a OpenPicus a the Hackitaly 2012 event. I built and programmed with the A-Pole team an alarm clock to wake up with a led pattern related to your morning mood.

Android (Java)

Hi!Tide Venice. This is the official app for monitoring the floods in the city of Venice, developed in collaboration with the Istituzione Centro Previsioni e Segnalazioni Maree and the team  A-Pole. I worked on the Android version of the app.

Alt to Fiat Converter. This app allows you to monitor the EUR/USD countervalue of your ALT crypto-currencies and check what are your corresponding profits and losses.

VxWorks (C/C++)

Maribot. This is a five degrees of freedom cable-suspended robot for neurorehabilitation. I worked on this project for my B.S. thesis at the Mechatronics group of the University of Padova, developing both the embedded device and the Java applet of the client.


Teseo. This desktop app allows to track multiple agents (with mounted a TinyOS) in a indoor wireless sensor network through an implementation of a variant extended Kalman filter. This software was part of my MS thesis and subsequent publications.

Fandango. This webapp, based on the Google Web Toolkit, managed the wireless sensors network (testbed) of the Department of Information Engineering.


Yourtubes. I developed this app in one month for the MS Computer Vision class. The aim is to reconstruct automatically the geometry of pipes batches, via a gradient analysis algorithm.

Avicom. This is a simple graphical user interface for adaptive compression with singular value decomposition of video signals.

TinyOS (NesC)

Zuriel. This is an application to use a Tmote Sky (telosb) as a remote controller of another Tmote Sky. It is a simple educational app related with the use of the user button.

Merab. This application allows to acquire and monitor the environmental data (temperature, humidity, photosynthetically active radiation, total solar radiation) of a Tmote Sky (telosb) connected to a laptop. Merab is provided with a laptop Java application that lets to view in real-time the measurements and save them in a text file.

Zophar. This application allows to distributedly identify the parameters of a wireless channel in a network of Tmote Sky (telosb) sensors. The identification is run through a symmetric gossip consensus algorithm Zophar is provided with a laptop Java application that lets to visualize and save in real-time the states of sensors and to compute the identification locally.

Ehud. A group of TinyOS applications that allows to collect radio measurements from a wireless sensors network using a Controller to start/stop a Basestation, that sends in broadcast ping messages to neighbourhoods sensors (Agents).

Silas. It sends to the RS232 port the measures of the voltage, temperature, humidity and light sensors of a Tmote Sky (Moteiv) in reply to a specific user request. It is designed to be used with the Chardin (lite) application.

Lael. Read at specified sampling times the voltage, temperature, humidity and light measurements of a Tmote Sky (Moteiv) and the RSSI, LQI and other radio informations between neighborhoods sensors.


Chardin (lite). This a desktop application that plots in real-time the environmental data (light, temperature, humidity, voltage) acquired by a serial communication between a pc and a Tmote Sky (Moteiv) sensor.


Giott-o-matic. This is the implementation of a line-follower algorithm, via a fuzzy controller, for a rescue robot that autonomously detects and extinguishs a fire. It has been developed for the IEEE Student Branch R8 contest in 2006 in collaboration with S. Bolognani, N. Trivellin, D. Beninato.