Convert your Instapaper articles to PDFs

During these summer weeks I wanted to take some time to read most of my collection of Instapaper articles. You know, I’m one of a kind that save an article to “read it later” but it can take a lot of time before I actually read it. When this happens, I discover sometimes that the article has been removed, so I completely miss that read. Considering that, linked to the fact that I prefer reading in a offline mode, I decided to develop a software a service that allows me to quickly download all my Instapaper articles, to store them for future readings.

After a bunch of days of developing, I released InstaPDFpaper. It is a free tool that let you choose which Instapaper folders you’d like to download. Then it takes care of converting all the articles (to a maximum of 500 papers per folder) to PDF and compressing them in a ZIP file that will be available for downloading through a link sent via email.

The service is completely free. Let me know if you find it useful or have some feedbacks!