So, here is the story.

For HTML, aka the templating of web pages, the better standard is HAML, more readable and concise then ERB. But ERB is the default in Rails so it is the oldest and more spread (and “stable”, someone may say).

For CSS, aka the style sheets, SASS is the law (do not confuse it with SAAS, which stands for Software As A Service) being the Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets… SASS is member of the Ruby party and it is considered better than LESS, which is Javascript (hence Node.js party). Sass has two syntax: .SCSS and .SASS (same name then the language). The .SASS syntax is the original one, which is inspired by HAML in some way, but it is considered obsolete, being substitued by .SCSS. The cool thing of .SCSS is that is fully compliant with CSS3.

Bootstrap is based on LESS ma for Rails there is a gem that converts LESS with SASS, since SASS is the official style sheet language of Rails.

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